If Obama were smart!

Don’t even think about it. He’s a lot of things, but being “smart” has never been on the list.

By Jack E. Lohman

Here’s the biggie: “Repeal ObamaCare!!!”

Who better than Obama himself to do it?

Replace it with single-payer Medicare-for-all. You know, the plan that was kept off the table after our senators got a close look at the $125 million in campaign bribes sitting on the table.

Medicare-for-all would be the best “Jobs” bill ever, save the country $400 Billion annually, and show Republican colors.

Apply it to all employees! Federal, state and local governments and taxpayers will benefit alike. If it’s not good for some people they can buy an “excess coverage” policy, which will proliferate afterward.

Oh, yes, Repubs will call it “socialized,” like Canada’s and Sweden’s and Taiwan’s and Australia’s system. You know, all those country’s where everybody is dying early.

Now is his time!

*IF* Obama is re-elected, he no longer needs money. He needs to leave a decent legacy.  No need for fundraisers or the lobbyists that he hired through the revolving door.

Remember when he promised the public that he’d be “different from the past,” and take public funding for his campaign and fire those industry lobbyists?

(Neither Obama nor Romney deserve praises. BOTH refuse to expose our corrupt politics that has protected the crook bankers that have trashed our economy.)

NOW he can keep his word! Political reform is the only thing that will reverse our economy and return our democracy.

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