So, $4.00 gas? Do we sit it out again?

This is a petroleum speculator’s dream. Always has been, always will be. Unless Wisconsin changes it.

By Jack E. Lohman

The feds will not do it, but Gov. Scott Walker can.

But will he?

It’s called a public option petroleum company. A competitor that is owned and operated by the taxpayers. And it makes money. If the industry crooks raise prices to gouge us out of our family’s savings and food for the table, our “public option” can dive in to stabilize the prices.

Otherwise we sit back and watch gas profits reduce our taxes.

Same is true of the bankers and other industries that gouge or defraud the public. North Dakota has a public-option bank, and incidentally, a 3% unemployment rate. It hasn’t put the private bankers out of business, and they also are not going to jail. But let’s hope that the bank in the post office becomes a reality.

Don’t misunderstand me; I hate unnecessary bureaucracies. Government employees are not my favorites, and need as much or more oversight than the privates. But oversight we can do, so let’s do it. Even farm it out to a private contractor. It’s a cost of doing business that is cheaper than the alternative.

But get this…

Private bankers and petroleum guys make more money the way it is, and they can and do share that money with the politicians via campaign cash. Public banks cannot give cash, so why would the politicians want to approve a public option that would compete and keep prices reasonable?

Same is true of a public option oil company, or public option anything that would interrupt private cash flow. And thus campaign bribes rule the roost.

So, you might ask, what would a politician do if he were not taking campaign cash from the bankers or petroleum industry? How about “voting in the best interest of the public?”

Damn this gets frustrating.

No matter what the issue it is always controlled by the cash dollars that flow to our politicians. Will this corruption ever stop? Do our politicians have ANY sense of decency?

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