Ryan pick makes you wonder?

Wisconsin Dems can’t lose. Either Ryan leaves Wisconsin or Obama stays in Washington. Which do they favor?

By Jack E. Lohman

So, Paul Ryan is going to run for both offices at the same time, House congressman and Vice President. ALL ON THE TAXPAYER’S DIME! Continuing his salary and using dollars from those same seniors he promises to steal Medicare from, only a politician would do. Nice guy.

We might even extend retirements by two years, like there are plenty of jobs out there already.

Even if Medicare technically remains, he wants it privatized and to cost seniors more (to offset CEO salaries and shareholder profits, and marketing costs and broker commissions). You know, and be run by the free-market for-profit types that have already trashed our economy. And he also seeks to trash all entitlements even if most people (except his rich friends) are willing to pay for them.

And Ryan is 100% against single-payer healthcare. This man has no sense of cash efficiency, except perhaps for campaign cash.

I’d feel better if Congressmen were on the same Social Security and Medicare they mandate for our elders. THAT will guarantee success. (I’d also feel better if congress were not taking campaign bribes from the insurance and drug industries, all to keep health care broken!)

Ryan also wants to turn Social Security over to our trusted bankers! Think about that! Can you imagine had George Bush succeeded in his quest to do the same?

Otherwise Ryan seems like a decent father (though trashing Medicare and Social Security would argue against that.) And if he loses both races he can become a decent lobbyist.

And Democrats? Sorry to say, but Obama and his sidekicks are as corrupt as are the Republicans. We are screwed either way.

Nothing — absolutely NOTHING! — will get fixed as long as campaign bribes continue to flow. Ryan will not change that, and will probably add to the problem.

2 Responses to Ryan pick makes you wonder?

  1. Ryan proclaimed to Obama that he wants to reduce health care costs, not raise them. But adding the 20% necessary to privatize Medicare is not the way to do it.

  2. This from “The American Prospect”

    If you had to pick one thing that defined Paul Ryan, it would be his “Path to Prosperity” budget proposal, a right-wing fantasy for giant tax breaks for rich people and painful cuts for the rest of us that somehow earned him the title of “visionary.” Ryan proposed his plan—which originally called for privatizing Social Security—in 2011 after opposing a bipartisan debt committee’s findings because they raised taxes a smidgen and didn’t cut enough. The Ryan plan would privatize Medicare, sticking every senior with a $6,000 tab to buy their own insurance. It would transform Medicaid into a block grant program, shrinking it and limiting its ability to help more people during recessions. It would slash the safety net and hamstring government, from student loans to national parks to the FBI, all while leaving the military bloated. Romney’s pick of Ryan means he’s owning this plan, which is deeply unpopular with most Americans.