Could Wisconsin lead the way?

With Wisconsin’s low rate of uninsured, this is indeed do-able for Scott Walker! Let’s fix Wisconsin!

By Jack E. Lohman

Now it’s his turn. He can fix it, or leave it broken, or make it worse.

Eliminate waste. Get rid of the unneeded bureaucracies and corporate middleman paperwork that is consuming 20% of health care costs! Money that should be spent on hospitals and doctors instead.

Pay when the patient arrives at the doctor’s office; not conditionally, ahead of time! Pay only on visits, not on speculation! Charge for work, not waiting for work.

Pay through taxes, not employers and job losses and product prices! And we’ll pay 20% less!!!

You know. You get sick; you get care; and the caregiver gets paid!

Except for those free-market types, who can buy their insurance on the open market.

We have the mechanism in place.

It’s called BadgerCare. Don’t kill it; expand it to all!

It is not a doctor, it is a billing agent. Use its billing facilities, and use Medicare’s fair reimbursement rates. Not BadgerCare’s low rates and not private’s astronomical rates. Pay providers fairly.

And all hospitals and doctors remain private.

Pool all of the federal money from Medicaid, SCHIP, ObamaCare, and taxpayer-funded BadgerCare, and what corporations are currently (over-) paying for private health care, and their upcoming 7% increase, and fund a single payer system for Wisconsin.

Run by BadgerCare!

Get employers out of the business of providing healthcare! Period!

Even General Motors, Ford and Chrysler support Medicare-for-all in Canada, because it is less expensive!!! They spend $800 per employee per year there, versus $8000 per employee here.

And we wonder why companies are leaving Wisconsin?

Everybody in, nobody out, and we’d spend 12% of GDP rather than the 17.5% we are paying today. And companies would be relocating here rather than departing the state! Businesses and their associations should be demanding this fix! The economy would explode as a result!

Wasted dollars!

No, the middleman insurance industry will not be able to profit from it, and that will reduce campaign contributions. And no, the drug industry will not like it because we’ll be able to negotiate drug prices to 50% (as the VA does, and where they should be in the first place).

It’d be like Medicare-for-all, but state-run.

Can you imagine employers opening plants in Wisconsin, because of our efficient health care system?

And Wisconsin companies that are hiring rather than laying off?

And 100% of our population getting health care, caused by a Republican governor!

Let’s put Wisconsin businesses out front of all others! It means PROFITS and JOBS!!! And incidentally, 100% healthcare!

One Response to Could Wisconsin lead the way?

  1. And I’d have to say this about “fraud.” It exists in both public and private systems and should be fixed by hiring a private company to find it and pay them on a results-only basis. And reform and strengthen the whistle-blower laws.