Let’s look there, where the light is.

It boggles my mind that we voters can be so dense.

by Jack E. Lohman

You’ve heard it before. Lost whatever, look where the light is. Not where you dropped it.

So here we are, talking about the crisis and not about the political corruption that caused it. Talking about too much spending and not enough tax revenue, but not about the political payola that created both. Arguing about the Bush tax cuts, but not about his Medicare D plan which was a $780 billion giveaway to the drug industry, all when he’s in two wars and needs U.S. resources.

Where are our heads???

Forget for a moment that the U.S. ranks not FIRST, but 24th on the corruption index, and that our trusted politicians are participating in a probable illegal conspiracy to protect their duopoly to the detriment of honest third party candidates. And they are using corporate-crooks to their advantage, pocketing part of their loot in exchange for taxpayer-funded subsidies. We have a political system that is unsustainable, at least from the economy’s standpoint.

But the politician-crooks love it because the voters are uninformed and lazy, and we will re-elect them anyway.

There IS a middle ground, but the political campaigns are not funded by the middle. They are funded by the Fat Cats on the left and right to buy off political votes to dip into the pockets of the taxpayers. And the Left is no cleaner than the Right on this one. But get rid of the political bribes with public funding of campaigns and we will all benefit.

Except for the top 1% that share their loot with the politicians.

It may take a massive lawsuit by a group of good-government types. But if so, let’s get on with it!

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