YES on capitalism!

But NOT when our corporate lobbyists can bribe our politicians to get the nation’s rules changed to defraud the public.

By Jack E. Lohman

Have you wondered why NONE of the banker CEOs have been prosecuted or sent to jail? Jamie Dimon and Lloyd Blankfein, as just two examples, are still running their companies and likely preparing them for the next taxpayer bailout, should it be needed. And it will.

Guys like these are still free because they control gobs of political cash, and our politicians would have to attack the entire industry.

Aren’t our politicians just great? Crooks maybe, but great nonetheless.

But there should be no bailout… only nationalization.

Which passes ownership to the taxpayers that bailed them out.

If these banks can’t make honest decisions on their own, with your money, the government should take over the business, stabilize it, and then sell it to a solid buyer.

However, I’d hope it was not bought by a corporation that gives cash bribes to the politicians that pull the strings to get the deal done. I’m equally nervous about it being run by a dimwit agency like the GSA (whose leaders ought to all be fired and jailed!).

Are our politicians not capable of doing the right thing?

We need “fair market,” not “free-for-all market.”

What we have now is a government controlled by the special interests that fund the elections. Our REAL problem is NOT the CEOs who want to pocket our cash, it *IS* the politicians that allow them to do it by manipulating the rules to remove the illegalities of their actions.

Voting for NAFTA and the repeal of the Glass-Steagall banking regulations are just two of many examples.

Ours is a “political” problem, but it is driven by a bunch of sheeple voters who drink the Kool-Aid and then head to the voting booth.

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