Romney I support, but give me a break!

We cannot criticize Obama for failing against a House packed with Tea Partiers who want him to fail, even if it trashes the country!!! These esteemed jerks should be expelled!

By Jack E. Lohman

I prefer Romney. He has integrity and compassion and will do the right thing. Obama has neither, and I’m unsold on all of his taxpayer-funded campaign trips and stupid appointments, like Eric Holder and Tim Geithner. Obama is not presidential material.

And I thought George Bush was inept?

Yea, Mitt, the recent JOBS numbers WAS a kick in the gut. You might talk to the R’s in the House about their continual practice of killing jobs bills just to make Obama look bad. And oh, to attach tax breaks for the wealthy.

My real preference is Rocky Anderson, but…

… our corrupt duopoly has succeeded in blocking third-party candidates with their slanted “rules” which guarantee them 50% of the see-saw.  D’s and R’s alike are very scared that their party will come out last, and they are likely correct. They have stopped IRV in its tracks!

Unfortunately these guys have the steering wheel, and they will never relinquish control. Voluntarily.

I am concerned, however, that Romney will appoint the next Supreme Court Justice, and I’ve had enough of the conservatives on the court (thanks W!). Thomas and Roberts have to go.

And getting unemployment down to 6% again? Not possible, Mitt. That problem was caused by NAFTA, and only it’s repeal and 15 years of bringing jobs back to America will fix it.

Republicans are even more corrupt than the Dems.

Not by much, though, and our nation’s problem is that we even have this contest of corruption. Well, also that we have an electorate drinking the Kool-Aid of the Left and Right, and distracted to the little fires that our politicians have so cleverly lit to divert us from their own corruption.

These politicians may be corrupt, but they are not stupid.

Except perhaps, when it comes to funding nations …

… like Pakistan,  whom we gave American cash to a government that had us believing that they, too, wanted bin Laden captured. And then reversed US support. All cash going into this country should stop. Yesterday!

And these two political parties, deeply in the pocket of Lockheed and other defense companies, had best start looking at the best interests of America. The vast majority of Americans oppose the war, but of course they don’t fund the elections.

Would any of this occur if we didn’t have politicians taking cash bribes from the defense industry?

We absolutely MUST tilt the House and Senate back to the Left. The R’s have lost it to the far-Right and Big-Money interests.

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