This is absolutely stupid, people, cut the political graft!!!

Whether Rightie or Lefty, your family’s assets are slowly moving to the politicians and Fat Cats that fund them! Quit drinking their Kool-Aid!!!

By Jack E. Lohman

Nothing — absolutely NOTHING — will fix this economy until we stop the cash bribes that flow to politicians who reward the special interests that fund their elections. And then leave congress for $2 million per year lobbying jobs once they are found out and unelected! Why not fix this corrupt system?

And for sure, there is nothing wrong with lobbying; the problem is lobbying with cash bribes in hand. And even that wouldn’t be bad if we had politicians who refused corruption, but easily 90% of them find a way to slip the bribes into their campaign wallets. Even the ones with Halos over their head.

It’s the little fires that they use to divert us!

They love the little fires, because (a) there are always two answers to the problem, and (b) it keeps the public battling each other and away from discovering the root problem: THEM, and the political corruption that funds their careers.

Think about this:

Defense spending: Would we be sending our troops into Afghanistan or Pakistan if Lockheed et al were not giving politicians $13 million per year in campaign contributions? This money is buying the death of our troops and destroying our nation’s reputation, but the defense Fat Cats love it!

And why are we spending five times more than needed to send private mercenaries to the middle east? Because private companies can give campaign cash and government entities can’t. And privatization has already started with public lands… just wait until they want to privatize your water. (Oh, they’ve already started that too?)

And climate change? I am not an expert, and don’t know whether wind/sun is more safe/sustainable than coal or fracking or nuclear. But I wish like hell that I had politicians not on the take, from one side or the other, who could make an honest and rational study, and make the right things happen. But given that their campaigns are funded by one side or the other, I am pretty sure that my kids and grandkids are going to pay the price.

Political payola is driving virtually every issue out there (student loans, jobs, whatever.) Politicians care about getting rich, which is driven by getting re-elected, which is driven by campaign cash. Any questions?

ONLY public funding of campaigns will cause laws to be written that stops the rip-off of the nation. Everything else is a little fire.

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