Two major issues demand a third party president!

Vetoes and Supreme Court Appointments!

By Jack E. Lohman

Otherwise presidents are useless. Especially Obama and probably Romney too. Too much travel to places they are not welcome.

They get to sign or veto only what the House and Senate brings forward. Except Obama seems to pass his own laws through executive order and executive privilege, practices that are frightening and hopefully short-lived.

Of the two guys I prefer Romney. Politics and pandering aside, he is an honest guy and will sign any honest legislation. Obama is an empty suit and I do not want Eric Holder as a Supreme Court Justice. I expect he’ll get a pardon instead.

Two third-party candidates are worthy

Rocky Anderson, a former Democratic mayor in the Midwest and running under the new Justice Party banner, and Jill Stein, a physician representing the Green Party. Either would be pretty good, though they both have avoided the one issue they are very strong on: money in politics. Both candidates will be limited to the legislation brought to them by congress, but that will be bought and paid for by industry.

Which one is best does not matter. Only electability does. And when the October polls come out let’s hope the weakest drops out.

The BEST third party candidate is Bernie Sanders

But let’s see if he decides to run. At 70 he’s done all he can do in the senate, being the lost cause that it is. Yes, he’ll anger the Dems, but they are not so stupid as to forsake him. He is the best the senate has.

The bottom line is that we CANNOT afford to keep going in the same direction, with a 50% run for the D’s and a 50% run for the R’s, and nobody to referee between them.

We MUST stop drinking the Kool-Aid from both sides, and take responsibility for what’s happening to our country!

We MUST have a third party referee at the top. S/he will not be able to start legislation that rolls over the public, but WILL be able to stop such abuses with the veto.

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