Student loan charges? How about free education???

Sweden isn’t so dumb. They have socialized education through college … and health care through death!!!

By Jack E. Lohman

Free education through college? Makes all the sense in the world. But “making sense” doesn’t play in our moneyed political system. “We need that money not spent on schools, but for the Fat Cats that fund the elections!!!”

Problem is, there have been abuses in the schools and the taxpayers have taken the hit. Teacher unions, as needed as they are, have demanded too much … and they have gotten it.

Smaller class sizes — which requires more teachers, and union dues — must be fixed. Tenure that protects bad teachers forever, must become a thing of the past. (I know one public “education executive” making $250,000 a year. That is too much.)

Yes to free college education, but limited to (a) only students that have maintained a B average, and (b) limited to only meaningful classes, like engineering, medicine and the sciences.

Abuses in school administration?

How about abuses in our nation’s “board of directors?”

Our nation’s problem is far bigger than our educational system. Or Health Care. It’s that we have a board of directors that are paid partly by us, in salaries, and mostly by campaign cash (bribes!). And our politicians cherish the ground the bribers walk on.

Which the Senate’s “grilling” of JPMorgan’s Jamie Dimon will attest. (Unless you have a strong stomach, don’t go there.)

What is indeed telling is this: get the campaign bribes out of the political system and these bastards will fix this economy overnight, and everything else. But as long as their incentive is campaign cash, and the Fat Cats wealth is growing, and the voters drink the Kool-Aid and bow to their every wish, live with it!

I simply do not know the right answer — on climate change or bail-outs or fracking or the proposed pipeline. But I do know one thing: I do not want my esteemed congress members to be taking cash bribes from one side of the issue while they are deciding WHAT is in the best interest of this nation!

And Medicare-for-all?

The best “JOBS” bill… EVER!

But that doesn’t cut it for the for-profit health insurance or drug industries, or the politicians whose campaigns they fund. They want “privatization” because, don’cha know, private industry can give campaign bribes and government entities can’t!

That it would eliminate the hundreds of taxpayer-funded wasteful systems — like Medicaid and BadgerCare and whatever — and replace it with one “more efficient” system that covers 100% of Americans, does not matter to the scum we call congress.

“More efficient” but not perfect. Fraud must be eliminated through prosecution, but that’s also needed in today’s private system.

Medicare-for-all would be 20% less but the campaign bribes would go to zero, and THAT is what matters to our esteemed politicians.

And we’d pay for it through taxes rather than through employers or the cash registers, which would bring labor back to the U.S..

But we voters, with our heads where the sun doesn’t shine, just don’t get it. Or don’t care. We deserve the economy we have.

ONLY public funding of campaigns will fix it, and ONLY 100% turnover in November will get us there.

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