The little fires, and a public that doesn’t get it…

Our democracy is broken, and the last thing in the world politicians want to do is fix it!

By Jack E. Lohman

Think about it. As long as the system remains broken, the political cash will flow. Fix it and the cash stops.

Health Care:

The best “jobs” bill ever would be a single-payer, Medicare-for-all system that totally frees companies from administering and paying for health care, frees employees to start their own company without the worry of health care for their family, and transfers the resources spent on insurance companies and executives to doctors and nurses and hospitals instead.

That represents 20% of our total healthcare costs. We could provide the same quality of health care to 100% of Americans and save $400 billion per year. Same coverage, just a different way of paying for it. Same costs too, except the savings is spent on expanding health care to all.

But it’s a little fire. The big issue, and only issue, is political corruption. Cash bribes flow from the insurance and drug industries to politicians to ensure that our broken system does not get fixed. $125 million in bribes from the healthcare industry kept single-payer off the table when ObamaCare was passed.

The biggest insurance industry giveaway in history was well worth the $125M in bribes.

Your trusted congressman is taking cash to allow the industry to keep gouging the people. And you keep re-electing him.

Now, who’s the real dummy?

The problem doesn’t stop there!

It’s defense spending. Without wars or the threat of war, defense spending would be nil.

9/11 was the worse thing that ever happened to the US, not because it cost 3000 New Yorkers their lives, but because it grew tremendously an industry we simply wouldn’t need if we’d just quit trying to convert the world.

Defense, Homeland Security, TSA, you name it. Billions wasted on external issues rather than health and schools and jobs in the U.S., all because of campaign cash from these industries and their lobbyists.

This economy has but one villain, a corrupt political system bending to the top 1%. Cut taxes at the top and government revenues dry up, and it’s downhill from there. It cannot be any other way. And when you have politicians sharing in the booty, there is no reversing it. Except to get rid of those politicians.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

As we’ve seen with Egypt and Tunisia, the U.S. wasn’t needed to fix their governments.  They had what we had… a civil war. With people rising up against government corruption.

YES we should share our weapons with the rebels when we see corrupt regimes, but we shouldn’t send our troops. And we surely shouldn’t send private troops (mercenaries) that costs the taxpayers five times more.

But after all, private troops (and their executives) can give campaign bribes and public entities can’t.

Isn’t that just great. Our trusted congressman supports killing private rather than public troops because cash can flow one way and not the other. WE voters are pure idiots!

“The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.” Frederick Douglass

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