The Supremes… to care or not to care…

ObamaCare is now and always has been, on balance, a terrible solution.

By Jack E. Lohman

Frankly, ANY federal or state legislation which gets its life because of the amount of campaign cash that changes hands, must by its very nature be terribly flawed. Which ObamaCare is indeed.

Good laws do not require political bribes to flow; only bad laws pass with cash changing hands. (Unfortunately, that applies to many of today’s laws. The bad guys have more cash incentive than do the good guys, so they win the hearts – and wallets – of politicians every time.)

ObamaCare, which follows closely the RomneyCare system in Massachusetts, got its life the same way; with cash bribes from the healthcare, insurance, drug and device companies. $125 million in legal cash contributions went to congress members and the president to (a) pass ObamaCare and (b) keep single-payer off the table.

Millions more were poured into the elections of “cooperative” congressmen. And such industry cooperation also won insurers the right to have one of their lobbyists sit on the senate panel.

The Supreme Court speaks!!!

The Republicans will say: “What the Supreme Court allowed to stand, we will repeal. And then we’ll pass real healthcare reform.”

But “reform” can mean anything they want it to mean, even a totally private for-profit system that pads the pockets of their insurer contributors at the expense of the nation.

The Democrats? Just may get a slap in the face, and the best way for them to win the argument is to rebound with a single-payer system! They cannot do anything else if they want to stay in power. They must decide between campaign cash and winning the election.

But even more so, the economy. They must make single-payer a “JOBS” bill, because that is exactly what it is.

When the Big Three automakers pressured Canada to improve their Medicare-for-all system, the D’s were like “Duh!” Healthcare in Canada costs employers $800 per year, versus $8000 in the US. (In Canada the taxpayers pick up the rest. Companies are left off the hook and job-lock is eliminated.)

Best thing is for the D’s is to support repeal, not in favor of single payor but in favor of a revisit. NOW watch the R’s squirm!

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