Raise the minimum wage???

Don’t even think about it. At least not now. That will only drive more jobs to lower-wage countries.

By Jack E. Lohman

Life is not fair, and a higher minimum wage is clearly justified. But at what price? No Jobs???

Instead let’s repeal NAFTA and CAFTA and the other lobbyist-bought laws that allow corporations to off-shore their manufacturing. Both political parties — R’s and D’s alike — have allowed campaign bribes to guide their votes. But as long as our dense electorate approves, live with it!

And oh yes, it would enhance the wages of the Union bosses!

We MUST fix the political system.

Democracy cannot survive with our broken system, and we cannot trust our corrupt politicians who are enjoying it to fix it. They like things just as they are. But we need:

  • Public funding of campaigns
  • Redistricting by computer and panel of nonpartisan judges
  • Instant Runoff or proportional voting
  • None-of-the-above ballot choice
  • Blackout of lobbying employment for 5 years after leaving government (members and staff)
  • Prohibit the hiring of lobbyists for staff positions
  • Term limits (no more that 12 years in elected office) or forever if convicted of a felony.
  • Must put all finances in a (REAL) blind trust
  • Members cannot buy stock or invest, other than through blind trust
  • No staff bonuses. Salary is enough.
  • Ban voice votes. Restore accountability to the people.
  • Members and staff on same retirement and medical plan as public
  • Members salaries adjusted downward when economy falls

Only then will we see correcting legislation: Increased taxation on the wealthy and eliminated stupid subsidies and war spending.

Don’t like it? Be a plumber!

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