Lefties refuse to accept that they could be wrong…

On anything! Righties are no different, and the politicians and their briber-crooks LOVE IT!

By Jack E. Lohman

Let’s face it. Scott Walker may be a horrible monster, but he is not all wrong. And unfortunately we needed the pendulum to swing right to help restore some sanity. It’s just too bad that all the CEO crooks are gaining in the process, and at taxpayer expense. And that Walker shamelessly sought voter suppression.

I didn’t vote for Walker, and never would. But I can understand those who did. They are pissed. Their taxes go to support government workers, and they need that money at home. They see public service unions as robbing them blind, and yes the unions are maxing out where they can. It’s a dog-eat-dog world, don’cha know?

Private sector unions are treated as part of the free market (which isn’t free at all, or fair). But they do have to use caution and not ask for too much, and get it. Temporarily.

I have a lot of Leftie friends, and they are pretty decent people. So are my Rightie friends. But the politicians and their corporate funders have these people battling each other, rather than the politicians and their financial lackeys. I am disappointed that neither group knows they are being taken for a ride.

Our people are indeed divided and distracted!

The Righties are blaming the Lefties, and vice versa, when in fact it’s neither. And it may take a decade for them to recognize the real enemy, our moneyed political system.

Political corruption. On both sides. Our Democrat and Republican politicians know exactly where the brink of failure is, and surely they’ll avoid it. BUT they’ll play it to the max, because it pretends to justify tax giveaways to the Fat Cats that fund their elections!

Everybody is talking about spending and nobody about revenues. Remember the Bush tax cuts? You, people, are getting screwed by your own party.

Chicago teacher strike? I’m sorry. Smaller class sizes are good for K-5 but useless for higher grades. EXCEPT that they require more teachers and more dues, which enable $300K salaries for the Union bosses. AND they drain unnecessary taxes from the economy. And we worry about wackos on the other side?

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