I stayed home… got some flowers planted. Progress!

Vote? For a Dem? Why? So they can continue fighting the little fires?

By Jack E. Lohman

I’ve never “not” voted in my life, until the Walker Recall. I feel so much better not being a part of either side. Both are failures. Planting shrubs was fun.

As I’ve said before, Walker is not all wrong. Public employee pay and their pensions are sometimes over the top, and the taxpayers are paying the costs. I don’t blame the taxpayers for being mad, but taking their money and giving it to the Fat Cats that funded Walker’s election is not what we voters had in mind.

Walker is too beholden to the Fat Cats that fund his election. He spent 88% of the campaign money for 53% of the vote. He won, at least temporarily, but only by 1% more than he got before. We taxpayers will regret the ultimate bill.

What we’ll likely never know is how many people stayed home because of Walker’s phoney Voter ID bill or the “dirty trick” RoboCalls advising people that if they signed the recall petition they did not need to also vote. Wrong… they needed to vote nonetheless, but surely the Walker team would be happy to see them stay home. As I did.

And surely there were some people that stayed home thinking the John Doe investigations will ultimately nail Walker, but the worse-case scenario is a Rebecca Kleefisch as governor. And she might be okay.

In all cases, however, the recall process worked and should be preserved. Walker doesn’t like it at the moment, but he got his last job as county executive through the recall process. And one was started on Jim Doyle but didn’t gather enough steam. They provide a needed do-over when candidates go bad. Let’s hope the Republicans realize that before they do something stupid.

Think of it this way: $63 million in campaign bribes were just poured back into the economy! 🙂

The D’s are no better than the R’s!

They’ve BOTH got their followers drinking their Kool-Aid. They’ve got them both diverted to issues that need to be resolved, and indeed have their ire. But they keep voters riled up so they stay off their backs on the campaign reform issue.

Of great concern (to me, personally) is that our nation’s people can be so easily manipulated by both sides of the political spectrum. This nation has a two-party (very corrupt) political system where each side gets roughly 50% of their time at the top.

Why would our politicians want to change that?

For the record, Walker is 100% against campaign and health care reform. Tell me again, why is this man good for Wisconsin?

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