Walker’s tax breaks are profitable… for his buddies!

Guys, we have to get smart about this. Taxes on corporations are passed on to the consumers at the cash register.

By Jack E. Lohman

As a retired business owner with 70 employees in four states, let me assure you that tax breaks would have only filtered down to my salary. But increase my product demand and I’d hire more people in a heartbeat.

Mr. Walker, corporations should have ZERO taxes if they manufacture product in Wisconsin. THAT will attract manufacturers and jobs to the state and more than offset the loss in taxes.

Tax “breaks” serve only one purpose … to create campaign bribes for politicians willing to initiate them, and Scott Walker knows them well. They are targeted at companies willing to share their profits with the politicians. But if all companies got zero taxes, there is no need for related campaign bribes, and politicians hate that!

Aren’t corrupt politicians great?

Now here’s an idea…

How about a new kind of “compliant corporation?” (a) ZERO taxes if products or services are provided by Wisconsin workers. (b) CEO salary limit of 50 times the lowest paid worker. (c) Board of Directors reporting to a shareholder committee rather than the CEO. And (d) company cannot spend money on political system. And a couple of other restrictions that should have been in there for years but weren’t.

So WE have a tough decision: do we protect Walker’s cash flow or attract companies and jobs to the state?

Step #1: clean up the political corruption and then our politicians will make the right decisions on taxes!

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