Barrett is the lesser of two evils…

I am not a Barrett fan, but even more so I cannot support Walker. I want my governor working for ME, not them.

by Jack E. Lohman

It boils down to character and integrity versus getting things done. Barrett has the former but Walker the latter. He is much better at raising campaign cash.

I prefer Tom Barrett’s heart to Scott Walker’s wallet.

I’ve said it before, Walker is not always wrong, but he is always Walker. And I just get tired of watching all of the TV ads touting how he saved teacher jobs when I know that not to be the case. And how he “saved” patients on Medicaid when I know he wants 17,000 Wisconsinites off of BadgerCare.

If I can’t believe his campaign claims, how can I believe his promises?

Though he’s right on one thing: teacher’s unions are more wrong than right, especially when protecting lousy teachers on tenure. They ought to be fired. And public sector workers ought to be paid well… as well as the private sector.

But overall, Scott Walker has lost total credibility with me. His 2008 bait-and-switch win is unimpressive.

Barrett supports campaign finance reform, Walker doesn’t

And you can see why. Walker gets his cash (and marching orders) from the Koch Brothers of the world, which is not good news for Wisconsin.

Voter mentality must change. Assumed to also be taxpayers, voters must understand that for corporations with money to spare, the quickest way to more profitability is through your politicians. And your taxes. CEOs do not give money without getting government favors returned.

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