How to save Wisconsin or California or whoever!

When I owned a business, we had sales and expenses, income and outgo, and they damn well had to balance.

By Jack E. Lohman

Obvious, but my company was not run by politicians.

Poor people want taxes spent on them, and rich people want the taxes themselves. The poor have votes to sell, and the rich have campaign bribes to share. These are all “vested interests,” and the politician needs them both.

What is a politician to do?

Of course, they could just increase taxes and revenues and satisfy the problem. Except that the poor pay no taxes and the rich do, and the rich wants subsidies before the poor get taken care of, and it is they who fund the elections (read that; give campaign bribes!).

What is a politician to do?

If he’s honest, he’ll do what he’s paid to do, and has sworn to do. But few of them remain honest once they get in. They soon learn that they have to play the money game if they want to collect campaign money for re-election. And they have to play the money game the rest of the Pols are playing, or they get nothing done.

But they get nothing “good” done the way it is, so why do they stay?

Bernie Sanders is the only independent in the Senate, and takes zero special interest money. Because of his honesty he could run with zero money and win! Wisconsin’s Bill Proxmire was the same; he spent $500 on his last election.

So, NO money works too!!!

And the media?

A total piece of crap! Corporate media and Fox and CNN need the corruption, because much of the campaign bribes filter down to TV ads. As much as 15% of their income is political ads, paid for with political corruption. They’ve lost advertisers to the internet, and have made it up with political ads. So they aren’t about to jeopardize their income by lambasting our corrupt political system.

Except for a few… Ed Schultz, Rachel Maddow, and one or two others.

Are they the only ones who get it? Or are they lying and everybody else is truthful?

There are certain journalists I now never read, even Internet web sites, both Lefties and Righties, because they know the problem and refuse to discuss it.

How can these national media experts totally talk around the corruption issue that is killing our nation … with a straight face?

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