Walker is not all wrong, but he’s wrong too often.

As a life-long center-right Republican, I’m mad as hell that my party has been hijacked by Corporate America’s cash and carry system of political bribery. All Republicans should be.

By Jack E. Lohman

Scott Walker is not 100% wrong, but he might as well be. He’s in with the wrong crowd.

With all of his campaign cash, easily 80% of his $25 million from out of state, he really didn’t need a penny to get re-elected. Had he just had heart, he’d have held even the lefties. But he didn’t.

  • He opposes campaign finance reform, though 99% of this state’s problems are due to bought-and-paid-for politicians. Him included.
  • He opposes health care for all, though it would be the best “jobs” bill ever. But his “insurance industry” contributors ($600K) would have nothing of it. He has even attempted to deny health care for 17,000 BadgerCare recipients to balance the budget, and may yet succeed.
  • He killed the high-speed rail through Wisconsin to Minneapolis-St. Paul, and though I supported him on that I’d like to see it financed by private industry. But then again, I didn’t receive $509,000 in campaign contributions from the road builders, rail’s biggest competitor. (No wonder he has favored campaign bribes.)

Ideological? Or bad character?

Clearly, Tom Barrett has his own problems.

Like, why in the hell do we taxpayers need to fund a streetcar in downtown Milwaukee? 80% of the public supports a voter referendum, let’s have it! Let those who must pay the bill, decide! (Now, there’s a unique thought.)

For sure the train would have been shoved down our throat.

Our problem — both at the state and federal level — is “who owns our politicians?”

It does not matter what the issue, follow the money and you’ll find political corruption driving it. I get so frustrated when my political friends, both Lefties and Righties, do exactly what the politicians designed for them to do… concentrate on the little fires that keep them away from the big fire, political corruption.

Walker doesn’t like public funding of campaigns, but I consider it the same when he gives taxpayer dollars to special interests that fund his elections. Yea, paying them through the back door for campaign funds seems like a quid pro quo to me.

Are we really broke, or broke enough that we can’t afford both BadgerCare AND political payola, so the former has to go?

Both sides have made their list of the little fires they want you working on, and have left the main one off the table. They both like political corruption and want it left alone. Distraction works, and having a system that is broken is just fine with them!

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