Remember when…

… bankers were the most trusted of community leaders?

By Jack E. Lohman

And now we’d like them in jail with the other crooks!!!  Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan, just announced a $2 billion loss on bad investments, and he’ll likely get a bonus for it! Privatize profits and socialize losses seems their philosophy, and it has to stop!!!

Let’s hope the shareholders rather than taxpayers take the hit for this.

(And incidentally, should we be asking where that $2 billion is now?)

Again, the sheeple are drinking the Kool-Aid.

Both the Left and Right have fallen for it. A very clever, corporately-financed strategy has succeeded in controlling the message: “stop entitlement spending!!!” “Solidify the Bush tax cuts” (that killed the economy in the first place!). Even to the detriment of the so-called “smarter” Republican voters.

You, sheeple, are getting screwed!!!

All while the real government problem is “corporate giveaways” and political corruption … and the solution is to “restore taxes and revenue” … we sheeple (Republicans and Democrats alike) are singing the tune of the politicians that want nothing of it. Because these leaders are getting a piece of the loot.

These politicians are part of the rip-off, and we voters are too distracted (or sucked-in) to do anything about it. WE can’t see when even OUR OWN pockets are being picked. Lefties and Righties alike, had best wake up.

Indeed the Righties are correct that we have too many people on the dole, but some of them are Righties themselves. And the union bosses are more interested in retaining their own $300K salaries than the jobs that are outsourced as a result of exaggerated wages.

We indeed have an imbalance, with crooks at the bottom and crooks at the top.

The Mainstream Media is right in the thick of it… 

… because they get a major part of the corrupt dollars that flow to politicians. Unfortunately the Internet losses and Citizens United gains have converted them from watchdogs to co-conspirators, as the media gets a piece of the action rather than reporting on the process.

And to the top 1%, be careful of what you ask for.

We have maybe 10 years before the political corruption kills democracy. After that your wealth will be worthless in the US. It may buy politicians but it will not buy off the public ire.

NONE of this would occur without corrupt politicians, and the sheeple allowing the betrayal.

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