Introducing a Wisconsin spoiler!

Yea, your favored R or D candidate could lose because of him! All because we refused to address our faulty voting system!!!

By Jack E. Lohman

And incidentally, he looks pretty good. Mike LaForrest is a new candidate for U.S. Senate and he and I share many of the same goals (like campaign and healthcare reform, and instant runoff voting). Though Tammy Baldwin is pretty good on these too.

But here’s the real issue: HE’S A SPOILER! He’s a good independent, as many of us Wisconsinites would like, and can’t be excluded by the primaries. He may just take the cake, or ruin it for the Republican or ruin it for the Democrat. That’s what a winner-take-all system does. A spoiler can kill it for the party that should have won.

One or both of these duopoly parties are not going to be a happy camper when the votes are counted.

But Mike needs 2000 Wisconsinite signatures to get on the ballot. Please sign HERE. If you can,  mail to him by June 1st

Mike plans to spend less than $1000 and will likely not win, but getting the candidates to talk about the issues is critical to all of us. It’ll even help Tammy.

Is there a fix?

Yes, but not for the 2012 elections, and probably not under Walker. It’s fair, and Walker doesn’t like fair.

It’s called Instant Runoff Voting, or Ranked Choice Voting. You have three votes, your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices. Vote for your first choice and if he fails to garner 50%+1, your vote automatically accrues to your second choice, and so forth. But if that’s too confusing, vote only your first choice, as you do today.

Australia uses it in their national elections; the U.S. should too.

It boggles my mind that nobody in Wisconsin’s leadership parties saw this coming, or didn’t prevent the faulty elections of the past. It would have nullified the effects of the fake Democrats and fake Republicans, and totally nullified the effects of troublemaker crossover voting. AND it would have eliminated the dreaded “throwing your vote away” when you vote for your 3rd party candidate of choice.

It’s a win-win for everybody. This new legislature can do it.

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