Yes, Scott Walker’s “divide and conquer” works.

So does diversion! And sheeple, you are being diverted!

By Jack E. Lohman

First, I think Obama’s being “forced” to take a stand on the gay issue was contrived… purposely set to test the waters well before the election. Biden and Duncan followed their orders and it worked.

On this issue I’m a Lefty. If gays are dumb enough to get married, let them. But not on my dime. I don’t want our government in my bedroom or theirs. My views of their lifestyle are moot. This is (or was) a free country.

I also do not support the taxpayers funding abortions or erectile dysfunction or contraceptives or anything else that is sexual and personal and in the realm of private charities. Enough is enough! The right-to-lifers and pro-choicers must go it alone.

And I think Romney’s being a bully at 17 is a dumb and stupid non-issue. Dems, get over it!

Don’t we have more critical issues to solve?

Yes, and it’s frustrating that the moneyed interests are spending so much money on the message war, and they are winning. Not because they are right, but because they have the cash. And the conservatives have bought into the message, even at their own peril.

Where to start? I’d say dump the political trash in November.  100% of it. Clearly there are some good guys that should stay, and we know who those are. But there aren’t many, and an 80% cleanup is in order. The rest will get the message (though the four Horsemen — Boehner, Pelosi, Reid and McConnell — is a wasted bunch.)

And for our bait-and-switch governor? We could do better.

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