A leader not in Wisconsin’s future…

Just once we need a governor who understands that money works… for the lobbyists and against the state!!!

By Jack E. Lohman

I’ve heard the garbage. It is easy to say “If campaign reform reaches my desk, *I* will sign it…” when they know full well that it will never reach their desk! Not with our enormous system of campaign bribery and politicians willing to laugh off criticism as they stride to the bank.

Every candidate knows about political corruption; but few are willing to stand up to it. Can you imagine what would happen if one of our politicians stood up and said “Enough is enough; no more tax money will be spent on roads to nowhere! Bribery is killing Wisconsin and I will not let the state or the marketplace go further down the tubes.”

Where will these crooks get money, if not from the taxpayers?

Road Building…

That’s just one industry, and if you travel Wisconsin you can see your hard-earned taxes at work. Replacing roads that don’t need replacing, rebuilding airport interchanges that don’t need rebuilding, blocking train expansion. It’s a great and profitable game. For them. With your money. All because this industry and many others kick back profits to fund the political campaigns and the public does not.

I’d rather put food on the table, or fund the BadgerCare Governor Scott Walker has removed from 17,000 of our low-income residents. But in any event, NOT give it to the roadbuilders.

Look at Walker’s campaign, funded with $25 million in campaign dollars, easily 80% from out-of-state special interests that want in your pockets. And they’ll get there, if he’s re-elected.

Can you imagine what would happen…

… if the road contractors, and all industries, said “No more!. We don’t want to deal in political corruption… it is killing our future marketplace?” And pulled all of their campaign bribes?

No, the state would not crash and burn. We’d only get the roads we needed and the industries we wanted. And our economy would return to normal. And our politicians could hold their heads high.

Not a leader among them!

It boggles my mind that not one of Wisconsin’s candidates have the courage to tell it like it is. Except Rocky Anderson at the presidential level. His first two minutes says it all in this short but excellent video. I sure do hope he makes it to Wisconsin’s ballot, because his message is right on target, for both the D’s and R’s.

What would happen if just one candidate said “we have but one root problem, and it affects every issue out there. That’s political corruption, and I’ll campaign only on that issue. If you don’t like it, don’t vote for me, but WE are going to fix it with you or without you. Where is Wisconsin’s leadership on political cleanliness?

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