Can you believe this?

Walmart is charged with bribery of public officials … in Mexico, not the US where political cash changes hands daily.

By Jack E. Lohman

Walmart would be better off calling theirs campaign bribes, which our esteemed congressmen know all too well and fully accept.

But our congress much prefers to prevent our political bribery in Mexico than here at home.

Had Walmart spent that $24 million on American politicians instead, they’d have been home free. But on Mexican plutocrats???

Not real smart. Our bribery is not just legal, it is widespread.

Looking at the high costs to Mexico’s economy for its corruption, do WE really want to go there?

Well, we already have.

WE have been screwed and our congressmen and president are the screwers. WE, good people, are the screwees.

  • I absolutely don’t care about the debate over the effects of our Fed and its money policy. I don’t understand the intricacies of Greece defaulting or the strikes in France.
  • And I don’t know whether to side with the “climate change” alarmists or the “clean coal” and nuclear companies.

If I had politicians NOT on the take from industry, I’d be assured that they’d do their level best to solve these issues. But padding their pockets with campaign bribes is more important to them than efficiently running the country.

I am not a smart person, but I *DO* understand bribery!!!

It works. It gets for the briber things that they didn’t have to work for. And I wouldn’t care so much about that, except that they are getting it from me and my kids and grandkids. And our nation’s economy.

If I had any preference at all…

… it would be that my esteemed politician(s) *NOT* take campaign bribes from the corporate CEOs and K-Streeters that want in my pockets.

So sheeple, it’s up to you. We can leave these jokers in, unabated, or we can do what we must: replace 100% of them in November.

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