U.S. Debt now equals GDP!!! So???

Our politicians love it, because they share in the booty!

By Jack E. Lohman

Get this: “Debt” is caused by spending, and spending is caused by campaign bribes. Get it???

POLITICIANS get PAID to spend, but they don’t get as much from the taxpayers as they do the SuperPACs!!! Wars are good because they generate campaign cash from the defense industry! And the more wars the better!

The good news …

… is that the voters are getting the message. Even while the Tea Partiers and Occupiers are raising hell, they haven’t understood the root problem. But they now ARE getting the message!

BOTH political parties are corrupt, and 100% of them must be replaced in November!

NONE of the politicians are concerned about unemployment, except their own, because low unemployment drives wages down and profits up and CEO salaries up and the politician’s piece of the booty skyward. Their interests are 100% out of phase with the public’s.

The truth about “capitalism!”

It is absolutely better than anything else out there, but it need not be all inclusive. In running our economy, nothing could be better.

But like making chocolate cake, some ingredients can make it trash and corrupt politicians are that ingredient. Capitalism by itself is great if politicians could be banned from manipulating it for their own purposes. Crony capitalism, like taking cash bribes to manipulate the rules to benefit the giver.

And changing the rules to allow into the system countries who (a) do not have free markets and (b) force their worker wages to one-tenth ours, as they did when they passed NAFTA and CAFTA and the more recent Obama “free trade agreements.” Of course had they been “fair” trade agreements we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Remember the tobacco industry? Even the threat of regulation caused campaign bribes to flow. To all congressmen! And now wars??? THIS is a gold mine!!!

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