Some things are best left public…

Like corruption. Private crooks go to jail; public crooks (politicians) do not. At least in the U.S..

By Jack E. Lohman

In some country’s corrupt politicians are executed. Like in China. In others they are doted upon. Like here in the U.S..

WE, cowboys, have a serious problem. Our politicians are walking away with the store.

Millions of Bees are mysteriously killed, now believed that insecticides are the likely cause.  Bees are vital to the creation of food. They fly around and pollinate plants, so they grow! Without Bees there would likely not be human life, but do you think for a moment our politicians would step in to regulate pesticides? Think “campaign contributions from pesticide companies!!!”

Money works!!!

Besides which, *I* — me personally — do not want to be eating these pesticides either! Nor do I want them passed to my kids and grandkids and great-grandkid. Why not use electronic zappers instead? Does not that industry share its profits with politicians?

Mining has taken its hits, with claims (likely justified) that it is causing water pollution. People actually lighting a match to the water coming out of their faucet. But not to worry, our politicians are there to save you. Unfortunately the campaign contributions from the mining industry are substantial, and from the people nearly nothing. You lose.

I don’t know whether mining is good for us or bad for us. But I do know that if the politicians are to decide, I don’t want them on the mining industry payroll. OR on the so-called “clean industry” payroll. I want them — get this — neutral!!!

Rush Limbaugh says “trickle down economics works!!!” Period!!! End of story!!! Except that following the Bush tax cuts our jobs situation crashed. Totally. The money passed to the top 1% stayed at the top 1%. Tax cuts create only two things: wealth, and campaign contributions.

The big issue, of course, is health care. ObamaCare is terrible, but it was bought and paid for by $125 million from the insurance and healthcare industry. As was RomneyCare. And they’ll not give up easily. They own our politicians and they’ll not give them back.

Or, we could privatize congress and then IT would have to abide by OUR laws!

Forget about it. They are ALREADY “privatized,” owned by corporations, and if they formalized it they’d create another special category for themselves.

I want one answer: when this is all over, who is going to protect the rich from their own security guards?

Isn’t political corruption great?

Only a 100% turnover in November will change it.

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