Selling out education???

Nothing is sacred, but until we fix the root problem — our politicians and their corruption — it will continue!

By Jack E. Lohman

When there are Americans whose Social Security checks are being garnished to pay off their outstanding student loan debt, then it is clear that the United States has a problem. Source

We can thank our esteemed politicians — Jim Sensenbrenner and his Republican co-conspirators — for revising the bankruptcy rules to exclude educational loans. Now students live with the debt until paid off, or they die.

Sorry to say, but education is a disposable issue … one of the little fires needed to divert the firefighters. The BIG fire — on every issue critical to the saving of our economy — is the politicians that have passed laws to cut spending on things like education and health care — so they have dollars to pass on to their Fat Cat funders in terms of subsidies and tax breaks, all traded for campaign contributions.

All other societal needs are off limits. Live with it, or fix it! These politician bastards are cleaning up.

93% of our nation’s economy growth last year, went to the 1% of the population that sent campaign cash. What part of “bribes” do we voters not understand?

Taxpayer-funded vouchers for private “for-profit” corporations to provide education — and kick back a few bucks to the politicians that made it all possible — is NOT what this country needs. This is NOT the way most people would design a key public service.

The fix?

Free, government provided education through 4 years of college or trade school — for students maintaining a B or better, and for needed professions. Based on grades, not wealth or race, with independent oversight to avoid “teaching to the test.”

Yes, rich people can buy into the system; it’s just not government subsidized unless grade criteria is met.

“Smart” education is the future of this country, and to block it (or universal health care) is short-sighted and suicidal. There is only one way to fix it; with 100% turnover of politicians in November! They ALL must go! Our problem is not spending money; it is spending money in the right way.

There IS only one solution, public funding of campaigns. But don’t count on the R’s or D’s fixing it. As a life-long Republican, this year I will be voting for an independent, Rocky Anderson. He seems to be the only candidate that understands the root problem, for this and health care reform and education. Follow the money, folks!

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