Christie’s “sense of entitlement…”

Yea, poor people are terrible, seeking all of those scraps to feed their family…

By Jack E. Lohman

But so are the Fat Cats at the top, like the bankers getting their bonuses from taxpayer bailouts!!!

Gov. Chris Christie, (NJ-R) is one of my favorites, but he is terribly remiss when he throws darts at one side of the problem and gives a total pass to the other side.

We've got problems at both ends!

Absolutely we have leakers at the bottom end… guys and gals that sit back and collect welfare and unemployment checks without lifting a finger to find employment. And my Lefty friends are as remiss in ignoring the leakers on their side of the curve.

But the multi-million-dollar cash bonuses given to the worthless bankers that caused the economy to crash, that doesn’t count? Is one not just as bad as the other? Or worse???

Why do we tolerate this imbalance?

Problem is, those at the top can give political campaign bribes, and those at the bottom can only shake their finger, so which tune do you think our politicians are going to dance to? Does this strike you as prostitution? Is this who you want representing you?

Or are you rich and just don’t care? And if so, who is going to protect you from your security guards when the world crashes?

Shouldn’t we first try to stop the crash???

Our politicians see this inequity every day, but they love it! Without it we’d likely have public funding of campaigns and they’d lose their cash advantage!

And incidentally, public funding of campaigns would cost about $5 per taxpayer per year, hundreds of times less than our current pork system is costing us.

But it would level the playing field, and our politicians don’t like level playing fields!

That’s why, in my mind, we’ll not EVER fix the system with our current set of crooks. ONLY a 100% turnover in November will give us a chance at a clean political system. And if the newbies become crooks, they are ousted until we get a clean system.

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