Left- and Right-wing wackos…

In the scheme of things, it just doesn’t matter because we are each just one of the pawns.

By Jack E. Lohman

My Republican friends call me a left-wing wacko and my Democrat friends call me a right-wing wacko. I love it. They are both right. And both wrong.

I don’t drink the Kool-Aid from either side. I am not hopelessly blinded by either ideology. I want to think about this myself. There *IS* an answer, but it is in the middle and few are going there.

I don’t want to hear it from politicians that are on the payroll and beholden to their funders rather than the people they should be working for.

And I don’t want to hear it from the extremes at the Left or Right, both of whom have become hopelessly starry-eyed pawns. I don’t want to hear from gullible people who don’t listen.

Maybe if they were correct, but they rarely are.

The politicians absolutely love this battle!

They love that the R’s think the D’s are 100% stupid idiots … and the D’s think the same about the R’s. These sheeple battle each other on the little issues and leave the real crooks alone to break into the bank. That’s our esteemed politicians!

It’s suicidal and I refuse to buy into it.

Scott Walker is not 100% wrong. 

Yes there are some in the union leadership that have only one thing in mind: gigantic union-boss salaries. Shame on them, but it shouldn’t be coming from Walker with his attempt to cut 53,000 poor people out of Medicaid and pad the pockets of the Koch Brothers. Freeing up money to pass to his funders.

That’s not to say that some poor people — or the Koch Brothers — don’t deserve what they get, but we’ll never get an honest answer from the corrupted politicians.

And neither are the D’s 100% wrong.

Corporate CEO’s can be pretty greedy and corrupt. That the bankers used taxpayer bailout money for executive bonuses, all while the politicians watched from the side, is not easy to justify. Nor are subsidies and tax breaks to favored campaign contributors. And gigantic CEO-boss salaries? Oh my…

And exorbitant CEO salaries are also reimbursed by consumers and taxpayers. At least, that which is not stolen from shareholders.

How are you liking it so far?

Corporate taxes should be ZERO!

Frankly, taxing corporations so they can add the taxes to their product price seems stupid to me. That our “poor” people reimburse them at the cash register is even more stupid. Adding needed regulations makes sense, but stupid make-work regulations that cost unnecessary dollars that (again) are passed to the consumer is (again) stupid.

UNLESS those regulations benefit one industry over another, and cause political bribes to change hands. Then the politicians like it a lot. Think “tobacco money!” Whoopee!

Good laws do not require campaign bribes, but bad laws do. So when all of that money changes hands, you best worry.

Corporate taxes and excessive regulations cause jobs to be off-shored. Not a smart thing to do.

Both sides had best smarten up…

Our country is being sold off, one brick at a time. And there is only one entity that can stop it: your politicians at the state and federal level. But they are all — 100% of them — in bed with the pocket-pickers.

And for the record I support neither Scott Walker or his Democrat challengers. I’m hoping for a strong third-party candidate.

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