Hell no I’m not a happy camper…

Let’s understand the root problem in America…

By Jack E. Lohman

I’ve tried to blame our failed war on drugs on the pushers. It doesn’t work. I always come back to the core problem: politicians that are funded by private prison corporations and security guard unions, all of whom want to secure their financial and electoral futures, expand laws. They do not contract them. Look at this excellent 3min video, but also understand the numbers!

I’ve tried to blame our failed healthcare system on the insurers, for-profit hospitals, and doctors. That also doesn’t work! Yes they are all guilty of lobbying for their best interests, but the real culprit is the politician who is paid by the taxpayer to serve on its board of directors and lead this country through thick and thin, but instead has his hand out at every turn.

I’ve tried to blame our enemies in the middle east for causing all of these wars, and then I realize that it is Americans on their soil and not the other way around. And then I realize that the defense industry gives campaign cash to our trusted leaders and it has had the intended effect. No, I’m not a real happy camper.

Even the failed economy I originally blamed on happenstance, until it became obvious that campaign cash caused the politicians to steal from the poor to give to the rich. Tax breaks to the rich with fabricated claims that they create jobs, got a little sickening. We all know that employers would not survive without workers, so it is a necessary marriage. But CEOs fund the campaigns and the workers do not.

And remember this: High unemployment equals low wages, which equals high profits and CEO salaries, and more money for political bribes, all of which equals more profitable political ads flowing to mainstream media!

Isn’t our free-for-all market just great?

This story goes on in virtually every issue, but the Fat Cats get it and the 99% don’t. Or at least didn’t, but they have smartened up. But we sheeples must get off of the little fires that the politicians have built to divert us.

What is rather surprising to me is that our business leaders have not gotten wise yet. Or they have but are enjoying their temporary advantage. But in time a trashed country is not going to be good for them either.

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