Is ObamaCare on it’s way out?

Let’s hope so!

By Jack E. Lohman

Otherwise we will spend years trying to put lipstick on this pig, all while transferring huge public funds to the insurance executives and their politician co-conspirators.

ObamaCare is a terrible solution and would not have been passed without the $125 million in campaign bribes passing to our trusted and esteemed politicians. Money works, as was proven here when single-payer was kept off the table.

Let’s kill it and do it right.

Yes, some good things have happened with it, but what will we have after we are 100% into it? A garbage system that still rewards the insurance executives. And the politicians who get a piece of the booty.

There *IS* a better way but the politicians don’t want to go there… because their cash flow will stop.

Better options? Medicare-for-all or VA-for-all!

Medicare is not perfect, and our politicians want to keep it that way. Fixing it would remove some of the stigma that helps them pad their wallets and get re-elected.

Medicare’s biggest problem is that it pays physicians on a fee-for-service basis rather than on a straight salary. Thus “over-ordering” provides a financial incentive, which incidentally exists in the private system as well. The VA system solves that by paying salaries, but because of the wars it is simply overloaded.

If we want to fix healthcare we need simply to mandate that our congressmen and staff are limited to the same system they mandate for the elderly and poor. Got that Rep. Ryan?

A government-run system cannot give campaign bribes but a privatized system can.

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