OK, Rep. Ryan, we get it!

We know that the cut in entitlements goes to your contributor friends! A plus and a minus can equal a balance.

By Jack E. Lohman

I’ve got to give it to Paul Ryan (R-WI), he sure knows how to balance budgets. But cutting needed programs for seniors and the poor, so we can fund tax breaks for the rich, is not what we would have expected.

Yes Medicare needs fixing, but adding 20% markup for the privatizing that allows insurer profits to be shared with politicians is NOT what most of us had in mind. It is far cheaper to fold all healthcare into our national budget than to seek ways to keep the insurers in the loop.

Yes Social Security needs fixing, but adding 20% markup for its privatizing to allow banker profits to share with politicians is stupid and corrupt. That our politicians have been able to dip into the SSI fund to finance special-interest giveaways makes us madder than hell. At least those of us who understand the game.


Fix SSI by removing the income cap (for deductions) so the rich guys that fund your campaign pay on their entire income rather than just a portion. Don’t increase the age limit to 67, which will only force seniors to stay in the job market when we need those jobs for young adults.

Can you imagine how this country would function were it not being run by politicians looking for campaign bribes?

This is all a political game, and it may work!

To your disadvantage, that is. The politician’s trick is to propose very radical ideas, that won’t pass but gets the public prepared for the worst case scenario. And then settle somewhere in the middle. Not where originally proposed and not where the game began.

It’s called disrupting the status quo, with the bad guy wining in the end. Yea, I’d expect that of a Chicago politician, but I thought its borders stopped long before Ryan’s district.

And this guy is presidential material??? I don’t think so. ONLY a 100% turnover in November will save our nation.

One Response to OK, Rep. Ryan, we get it!

  1. Or, let’s do this: Any laws passed for the people MUST ALSO apply to all of congress AND their staff! No more gold-plated coverage for Rep. Ryan and cohorts.