If one is to be obsessed by anything…

… it IS the nation’s #1 problem… and to fight the little fires elsewhere makes zero sense.

By Jack E. Lohman

Because it diverts the people towards the little fires instead. Divide and concur is the strategy, and it is working.

Except that some new candidates finally get it and are pushing the message. Rocky Anderson says it best.

Truth is, I want my government to protect our citizenry from bad guys. Crooks who hurt people and rob banks ought to be thrown in jail. And the CEOs who run the banks they rob, ought to be in jail with them.

Unfortunately these bankers also own the politicians who write the laws (or don’t write laws) that allow the rip-off.

Wouldn’t it be nice if…

… we didn’t have to “save” BadgerCare?

The Fat Cats (at least most of them) don’t hate poor people who need medical attention. But they DO love the money that the state spends on these people and which otherwise could be diverted to their own bank accounts. Greed trumps compassion. Get used to it.

… we could get unbiased answers as to whether mining was either good for Wisconsin or bad for Wisconsin, and do what’s right?

Yea, we had one Republican senator who had a conscience, and so far Wisconsin’s bill has been stopped. The mining companies are either going to have to find his hot button — that is, send more campaign cash — or buy off a couple of Democrats. It’s nice to know where they stand, eh?

Alternatively we could hire real scientists who are not getting research money from either the mining industry or the tree huggers, and get an honest, unbiased answer that will force politicians to an up/down vote at their own peril. (Now, there’s a thought!)

… Congress was cleaner than the state legislature?

Don’t even think about it. The closer you get to the top the dirtier it gets. Our “change” president is the most embarrassing of all.

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