And the problem? Drum roll please…

… more political corruption!

By Jack E. Lohman

Why are we diverted by theoretical economists to little fires, instead of looking at this nation’s ACTUAL, #1 problem: the looters of our economy (bankers, oil speculators, hedge fund managers) paying off the politicians that pave their road to more wealth … at the expense of the many?

The answer, of course, is BECAUSE those politicians get a piece of the action… in campaign bribes, and they write the laws that permit it!!!

These same politicians also REFUSE to write laws to stop it and create jail time for the offenders…

It can get worse!

So here’s the good news: China has its problems too! China’s Billionaire People’s Congress Makes Capitol Hill Look Like Pauper

China ranks #78 on the international corruption index. Not to worry, though, the U.S. is #22!

The U.S. is NOT #1… it’s #22!!!

21 from the top!!!

Political corruption will bury us if we don’t force public funding of campaigns. I want these jokers working for the public rather than private interests, and the only way we’ll get there is with a 100% turnover in November.

Defense Industry Fraud?

I’m hearing (on TV, if you can believe the media) that over the last decade roughly $2 trillion of defense industry spending cannot be accounted for. It doesn’t surprise me.

I’d certainly start looking for dummy-companies… companies in name only where defense employees with sufficient authority have put them on the payroll (issued dummy contracts for dummy services) so the taxpayer money passed through can be laundered to their own personal wealth.

But no politician wants to touch it!!!

How do they get by with it?

As Rick Santorum says, by “giving one for the team!”  Even when you personally oppose things like funding the Bridge to Nowhere, which he voted for (and I am sure got paid well for it).

It’s called “Getting ready for a military takeover!”

NOBODY wants to talk about it, but I worry.

Here we have the government passing more and more laws to curb individual freedoms, even making it illegal (in 3 states already) to videotape a policeman committing a crime or abusing a citizen.

And more and more of the middle class are sinking to the lowest class, and the government is privatizing our armed services (Halliburton and Bechtal and you name it), and I wonder:

What’s next? A total rebellion, Egypt-style?

4 Responses to And the problem? Drum roll please…

  1. Just finished watching last nights ‘The Daily Show with Jon Stewart’ (had it recorded with my computer’s DVR) and thought you might appreciate his interview with Robert Reich.—robert-reich-extended-interview-pt–1—robert-reich-extended-interview-pt–2

  2. Thanks Gregg. I watched all three, and Reich is 100% correct. BUT he swings with a wet noodle… no force in his statements. What this all says is that the D’s are no better than the R’s and they both must be retired in November.

  3. And Gregg, Reich talks a lot about the little fires, but we must get people asking: would these little fires even exist if we had politicians NOT on the payroll of the special interests that fund their elections? I think not, but remember: high unemployment equals lower wages which equals higher profits and more money to the politicians. And we keep re-electing them?

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