Earth to Dems: Obama has to go!

For the sake of the country, he should be last on our list!

By Jack E. Lohman

The only thing worse than making a mistake is not correcting it when you can. And with the majority of the country unhappy with Barack Obama, we can undo it in 2012. That is, if the Dems are smart.

Russ Feingold took himself out, but we should draft a good progressive politician to primary the president. Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders come immediately to mind, but Dennis Kucinich or Alan Grayson would also surpass Obama’s popularity. If Obama really had compassion for this country he’d give someone else the steering wheel.

Failing that…

… my second choice would be a moderate Republican. Someone like Jeb Bush or Rudy Giuliani, who might be swayed by the right-wingers. It will NOT be Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney.

Giuliani, incidentally, believes that Republicans should stay out of people’s bedrooms. Ouch! At the very least he will make decisions consistent with his heart. Maybe not totally progressive, but also not totally conservative.

The worst case scenario?

The presidency goes Republican? But no worse than we now have. I favor a good 3rd-party president.

More than anything…

… the House must convert to the Democrats and we must save the Senate. And the best way to do both is to demonstrate to the voters that we have but ONE cause for our poor economic system: cash dollars transferring from special interests who want in the taxpayer pockets! We need public funding of campaigns and we’ll find someone who agrees.

Disclosure: I am generally a pro-business Republican, but I cannot tolerate the far-right-wing nuts who stonewalled and blocked even the good stuff the Dems put forth.  Of course under those conditions Obama will fail. The far-right should be as embarrassed as the far-left.

And get this: Obama and the Dems could have set the senate rules to 51%, rather than allowing the filibuster. Had they wanted to, of course, which they didn’t.

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