Cut corporate taxes???

Absolutely!!! Let’s start with eliminating workman’s comp and unemployment payments to the government! Then eliminate taxes on profit!

By Jack E. Lohman

Think about it. Employers pay these taxes and then add those costs to the price of their product, and we consumers reimburse them at the cash register. In a very regressive manner!

*OR* they move their manufacturing to countries with lower employee costs. Unless we give them tax subsidies that make the politicians look like heroes, which drives up campaign contributions!!!

Aren’t we lucky?

So if we cut these taxes, how do we make them up? How about taxing the top 1%? And convert this “capital gains” tax to an “income” tax (where it should be anyway) so they pay at 35% instead of 15%.

But wait, it is they who bribe our pol… sorry, fund the political campaigns!

This fact remains… our country would be better off if run by politicians who did not take cash bribes from special interests!

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