At what point in time will our corrupt congressional politicians recognize that their corruption is killing America? When they have totally drained us and our nation totally collapses? 

By Jack E. Lohman

So here we have it… American Airlines is going bankrupt because of high fuel costs, all when America’s biggest export is… get this… FUEL! All while we are gouging Americans at the gas pump, we are sending our own fuel out of the country.

Because … uh… that’s our “free market!” Fat Cats make more profits this way, which translates to more money for campaign bribes. No matter that when we import a replacement, we pay for additional transport costs.

And we argue about the Keystone XL pipeline between Canada and Texas. Forget that it may be hazardous to central U.S., it is profitable. And that translates to campaign cash. Even if — especially if — we export most of it once we refine it.

And now we have Wisconsin politicians set to give permission to new mining, all while out-of-state executives from mining company Gogebic Taconite are listed at giving $21,500 to Wisconsin politicians. It’s funny how that works.

Have these political jerks no shame?

Or better, does our electorate have no smarts? We MUST force a 100% turnover in November.

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