Let’s improve and expand BadgerCare!

I have never seen our government spend so much time and money trying to avoid doing the right thing… but campaign cash does funny things to politicians.

By Jack E. Lohman

It would actually be better and cheaper to fix the problem and move on to fixing our state’s economy. Even if only for government employees and paid corporate opt-ins, improved and expanded BadgerCare makes solid financial sense and would be a feather in Gov. Walker’s cap.

Let’s call it what it is: BadgerCare is a non-profit insurance system, funded by the state, that buys services from the same private hospitals and physicians that we all use.

We need this instead of ObamaCare.

Universal BadgerCare makes sense!

Yea, it’s a bad thing to some… doing what has worked so well in other countries. Like Britain’s National Health Service or Canada’s Medicare-for-all or other socialized programs. Even with their wait times (which we would eliminate), their patient outcomes are better than ours.

One of the America’s best is the V.A. healthcare system (though over-burdened at the moment). Salaried physicians and non-profit hospitals (though paid by and owned by the government). Makes all the sense in the world, but “making sense” is not high on politicians lists. Even an optional V.A. buy-in for employers would make sense.

A challenge to the business community…

Today’s healthcare costs are spread into the community and affect the whole economy and business environment. Jobs, taxes, you name it. Our current healthcare system is costing us dearly, and its cost is absorbed by all.

But think about it… 20% of your current healthcare costs are going to the bottom line. Not your company’s bottom line, but to some insurance company’s. That’s not a wise investment, and it does not help you create jobs.

With us all investing in BadgerCare-for-all, we can correct that. Call Gov. Walker!

2 Responses to Let’s improve and expand BadgerCare!

  1. Yes, let us tax all committed Liberals to pay for this.