A NATO-sponsored election?

Elections… yes, we know them well. But in Syria?

By Jack E. Lohman

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could trust NATO or some other World governing body to execute elections when a country’s strife becomes so great that its citizens are being routinely killed? By their own government! Like in Syria or Egypt II?

Let’s suppose that via a vote of the major countries they were able to say, “Now wait guys, we met and have determined that only a new vote will be fair to all and minimize bloodshed. If you wish, we will help conduct the vote. The old regime can also run for reelection and if they win it will be a reaffirmation of the citizens. And we NATO nations will help stabilize the situation.”

“But if the old regime loses it’s a turnover time, and we’ll make departure of the current regime safe and comfortable.”

And then, separate the country into regions for each religion. I think they call that federalism.

Am I looking through rose-colored glasses? Alternatively, we could just say “OR ELSE!”

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