The “roundabout” cash cow…

I love roundabouts, but this is absolutely stupid!

By Jack E. Lohman

The judicious use of roundabouts makes sense, like the one at Hwy 164 and County Line in Richfield which has totally eliminated traffic bottlenecks.

But at Good Hope and Townline Rds in Lannon? Give me a break. Doesn’t there first have to be traffic? This one clearly smacks of payback to the Road Builders that contribute nearly $1 million per year to Wisconsin politicians … $174k to Governor Walker alone.

And now they are planning another in Richfield next to a school, converting a 100% 4-way stop to a 0% stop for a roundabout. Whaaatt???

Yes, rebuilding the Marquette Interchange added (temporary) jobs, though it wasn’t needed, as did the Hwy 45 southbound work in Menomonee Falls which moved the left-hand Appleton exit to the right side but kept the two-lane bottleneck.

Now all of those workers are needlessly reworking the Mitchell Airport interchange which will add probably $10 billion to the taxpayer roles.

Damn we are rich!

Indeed infrastructure work adds jobs… temporarily. But they are also taxpayer-funded jobs, thus we are pulling from one pocket to stuff the other. And satisfy the road builders and politicians, of course, sending money again from the poor to the rich.

I just love that about Wisconsin politics.

But think about this for a moment.

Instead of continually extending unemployment benefits, why not pull a Tommy Thompson? Not work-for-welfare, which was great, but let’s help these unemployed workers get re-educated in different fields… like health care and technology.

Sensible education at taxpayer expense! ONCE … not over and over!

Think about it!!! Investing to get people OFF of the unemployment rolls rather than sustaining a bad situation!

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