The truth behind “fracking” doesn’t exist!

I don’t know, and few of us taxpayers do, because the cash flow to politicians keeps it hidden.

By Jack E. Lohman

The benefits of hydraulic fracturing can range from totally positive (jobs!) to totally negative (water contamination). To blindly support or oppose this new mining technique without honest evidence is not just foolish, but could be deadly.

First up are the scientists, some of whom have accepted cash grants from the industry and discount all claims of harm. And some scientists who argue that fracking is unsafe, but stay away from disclosing the financial conflicts of interest of their buddies.

Then there are the politicians who pocket the campaign dollars disbursed by the fracking industry, all to buy deregulations, and to spout this “wise and safe” form of energy claimed by the hand-picked scientists. Prostitute is too good a word for them.

And then there’s the Mainstream Media, the John, which laughs all the way to the bank as they pocket the bribes that pay for the political ads. Where is the FCC when you need them?

So no, I don’t buy the sugar-coating and refuse to drink their Kool-Aid.

It is not a pretty sight

I want to know if fracking is as safe as the industry claims, and I want my board of directors (our politicians) to assess this without taking campaign bribes from that very industry. Too much to ask for?

Our problem is the same on every issue critical to the survival of the U.S. economy… political corruption. Get rid of the current political crooks and perhaps we can eliminate campaign bribery. A 100% turnover in 2012 is necessary, regardless of party.

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