Imagine for a moment…

… that we did not have a government — politicians — that was owned by corporate interests!

By Jack E. Lohman

To be clear, our problems are not “government” or “corporations,” as these are artificial entities.

Our problems are due — 100% — to the greedy leaders of each, CEOs and politicians, who have found a slush fund that is funded by other people… the public they should be protecting. Most certainly by their taxes but also in many cases by their 401(k)’s and housing values.

For the record I support the Walker recall and the protests by the right-wing Tea Party and left-wing Occupy groups, and even our local Citizens for Responsible Government. Because they are all anti-government-corruption, whether they know it or not.

I want them ALL nipping at their heels and keeping politicians on their toes.

Think about it!

Would we be in so many damnable wars were it not for the fact that our politicians are paid by the defense industry to be hawks rather than doves?

Would our nation’s economy be so trashed were it not that our politicians gave away the store to the companies that preferred their products be assembled with foreign labor at one-tenth the cost?

So here we go again!

Bottom line: I simply don’t care what happens in the presidential elections. Whether Obama wins or he doesn’t, he’ll be no different from any Republican that may win. I prefer an independent, but so many plan on running that only Ranked Choice Voting would allow a win. But our politicians have stacked the deck against even that.

Most important to our nation is a complete turnover in congress! No current politician should remain, either in the Senate or House or the state legislature.

But we have lefties believing their guy is honest and righties believing the same, when neither is the case. They all must go.

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