Finally, a badly needed “clean party!”

Called the “Justice Party,” it’s main issue is the only one that counts: eliminate political corruption!

By Jack E. Lohman

Yea, it doesn’t matter what your other issues, they are controlled by this one. If you really want legislation tilted in your favor, send money!!! To yours and the politicians he tells you to send to (sorry, in polite terms that’s “support”).

The candidate is Rocky Anderson, former mayor of Salt Lake City, Utah. Here is the CNN Video and Democracy Now Video. Their web site:

Take one of his issues, for example. I’m not convinced that humans contribute to the global warming problem, but the cash flow from the special interests sure point in that direction. The vast majority of scientists say humans do contribute, but could those scientists be corrupted by the solar industry that would benefit from a “green” fixation? Perhaps.

I would prefer that my own board of directors (Congress) sort this out and get to the bottom of it, but they are either taking money from that very Solar industry or the competing oil and coal industries, so I can’t trust them for an honest answer.

So there is only one answer: get the bribes out of the system! And that’s exactly what the Justice Party promises.

Voting for a third-party is difficult

It’s called the “wasted vote syndrome” … but its time has come. I see absolutely zero difference in the overall (and ultimate) votes of Obama and Romney or Gingrich. They will ALL lean toward the moneyed interests that bribe their parties. I do not care who wastes my money, I don’t want it wasted at all!

Yes the Justice Party will compete with the Green Party, just as the D’s compete with the R’s.

But any party can get a plurality and win, and I’d rather see a third party in the presidency to put balance into the system.

One Response to Finally, a badly needed “clean party!”

  1. And get this… they are piddling with the extension of a middle-income payroll tax cut, which has a 100% chance of passing. But because of the Keystone Pipeline campaign cash it is being held for hostage.

    But trust me… both parties get the cash so this is a pure political game to divert the thinking of our electorate. It will pass and Obama will sign it because the Dems get a share of the dollars.

    And now we have John McCain railing about billions of dollars being spent on bombers that the Defense Department doesn’t even want. What he doesn’t say is that this “pork” was bought and paid for by manufacturer bribes, but it is pork that can be passed on to the taxpayers all for election purposes.