Why are corporate profits at their highest ever?

Because they are not spending their money on payroll!!!

By Jack E. Lohman

At least not here, and they are getting away with it because both political parties are on the take from those very corporations. And the CEOs are taking the cash rather than distributing it to employees.

We are still politically diverted, fighting the little fires while the special interests are sending their money where it counts… to politicians. And it’s working.

And the Republicans in the debates???

Rule #1… act like adults. Save your barbs for Obama, who well deserves them.

Rule #2… fight the core problem, political corruption. It’s rampant on both sides, both at the state and federal level, and THAT is what’s killing our economy.

Like, balancing the budget by cutting BadgerCare???

Good move, Governor Walker!

Most certainly the politicians don’t want to increase revenues by raising taxes on corporations or the wealthy CEOs. So we’ve eliminated the jobs of the poor and are now attacking their health care!!! Makes all the sense in the world (Not!).

Were it not for the massive campaign contributions from the insurance industry, our politicians would do the right thing… implement a single-payer Medicare-for-all system. We’d use the administrative waste to provide health care to all, and at the same time save the nation $400 billion per year.

But that makes too much sense, and our politicians are not paid to make sense. They are paid (by the special interests) to keep the system broken.

2012 is the year that you and I must send a message…
… to vote against the status quo.

3 Responses to Why are corporate profits at their highest ever?

  1. Problem is, you cannot lock up the assets of a nation — by giving them to the top 1% — and expect it to survive. And that’s what our politicians have permitted, of course getting their share of the booty.

    There is no question that Obama is the most ineffective president ever, but that’s all we can expect when they are owned by corporate America. It is time for a third-party.

  2. GreggP says:

    Jack, I agree with most of what you say, but I’m getting tired of the “Obama is the most ineffective president ever” type comments. Sure, his Affordable Care Act isn’t medicare-for-all, but it was the best he could do under the political circumstances. If the goal was to provide health insurance to a lot of uninsured people, it was a step in the right direction. Do you honestly think his performance has been worse than GWB’s? I can’t think of another person in our history who has lowered the bar as much as that man. Just look how he has inspired so many of the current dimwit Republican candidates out there today.

  3. I understand your concern, Gregg, but the truth is that Obama’s leadership has been horrendous. That of course is in my eyes; perhaps not yours, and I didn’t vote for him.

    But on things like ObamaCare, given that the Senate Finance members were all on the payroll of the insurance industry, he could have and should have vetoed the bill. As it is we are going through massive costs at the state level to implement a plan that will likely have its funding mechanism shot down in the Supreme Court (mandates). He should have said “come back with a workable plan when you are serious”, and used his executive power to provide care to the indigent. But he is on their payroll too.

    If he would have done what he promised to do, he would have been re-elected without spending even one penny. But instead he needs $1 billion to recover from his disasters.

    I do recognize that we also have a bought Republican party that has blocked many good bills with their “total destruction” mentality, but if we can muster a decent third-party candidate I know where my vote is going.