Recall? No, let’s do an early election for everybody!

Congress and Obama have proven themselves totally inept and corrupt! They should be absolutely ashamed of their contribution to our nation’s downfall.

By Jack E. Lohman

All over the world citizens are ousting their governments, and Americans should do the same. Yea, ours is a different form of corruption, but it is a downward spiral nonetheless. They could go peacefully or not, but I expect they will somehow go.

*IF* our politicians had guts, they’d get out now. They’ve already blocked freedom of speech; should we wait until they start shooting American citizens?

All politicians should go the way of Barney Frank… don’t run in 2012. They should get out now and send a positive statement to voters. Let the independents and third parties field candidates.

Especially here in Wisconsin!

The recall is not a vote for or against Scott Walker, it means simply that if enough voters wish, he must run for re-election. The voters will get a do-over, and that’s good for even the Righties. He’ll either come out stronger or not at all.

But the recall process is a valid one, even when used against Democrats. Which it has been and should be when politicians don’t keep their word. (Like, that’s most of the time.)

Corruption is not limited to the Middle East, our politicians partake in it too. That democracy has treated us better than the rest has delayed the eruption, but here we are.


And I’m tired of hearing “tax reform, make it fairer.” It ‘sounds’ humane but translates to “cut taxes on the rich, raise them on the poor!” We obviously need new leaders. Now is the time!

2 Responses to Recall? No, let’s do an early election for everybody!

  1. GreggP says:

    Unfortuantely, the revolving door: politician->lobbyist->politician just keeps spinning…

    Jack- Keep spreading the word!

  2. GreggP says:

    Speaking of tax reform, here’s an interesting article that a very successful venture capitalist wrote: