R’s signed away their congressional authority!

When push comes to shove, I want my politicians flexible! Working for the PUBLIC, if you can imagine that!!!

By Jack E . Lohman

No, it isn’t that the Super Committee couldn’t reach agreement, it’s that they wouldn’t. Campaign bribes stood in the way.

Republicans signed a pledge to Grover Norquist, a lobbyist for the right-wing Voters for Tax Reform, pledging that they will NEVER increase taxes, meaning not even in a national emergency and not even if 85% of the public supports tax increases on the wealthy.

So here we are, the LOWEST tax rate in DECADES and the R’s are still not willing to increase it even in our nation’s dire straights (that THEY put us in, incidentally). One man who is doling out the cash bribes from the wealthy Fat Cats, controls half of congress.

The following Wisconsin congressmen signed this promise that, if not totally unconstitutional it certainly is a stupid and corrupt allegiance to the Fat Cats that helped fund their campaigns.

WI-Sen Ron Johnson (R)
WI-01 Paul Ryan (R)
WI-05 Jim Sensenbrenner (R)
WI-06 Tom Petri (R)
WI-07 Sean Duffy (R)
WI-08 Reid Ribble (R)

I am an absolute dummy when it comes to budget balancing. Same for climate change and banking regulations. But I rely on my “esteemed” House and Senate politicians to properly control these, and I pay them a substantial salary and benefits to do so.

But they receive even more in campaign bribes to ensure that the system remains broken and the wealth continues flowing to the top, which in some cases is themselves.

The public simply can’t win. Our congress is owned by the moneyed interests. Both Democrats and Republicans are bought and sold by the top 1% that want in your pocket. (Incidentally, “lobbying” is not the problem. Lobbying with cash in hand is.)

We as a nation would benefit greatly from public funding of campaigns, so we could put political corruption behind us and get these b*stards working for us rather than them. At $5 per taxpayer per year it would be a bargain, but the politicians prefer the status quo.

2 Responses to R’s signed away their congressional authority!

  1. Jonathan Swift says:

    We need honest leaders . Those who signed the pledge are not ventriloquist they are the dummies.