Unions versus political corruption!

Without politicians, workers would be treated fairly and most jobs would remain in the US.

By Jack E. Lohman

Again, Governor Scott Walker is not 100% wrong on his distaste for the power unions have generated in Wisconsin. However, that they didn’t give him as much campaign cash as did the Koch Brothers gives away his true motives.

Clearly capitalism is preferable to total socialism, but whether it is “unfettered, free-for-all” or “fair market” is the issue. The 20% of CEOs at the top prefer the former, and the 80% remaining are pretty decent CEOs that prefer the latter.

Unfortunately our politicians share the booty from the corrupt group and not the “fair market” side, thus fixing the system will be difficult. Campaign bribes are driving our board(s) of directors (politicians).

Money matters because money works. Take the political cash out of the decision and we’ll see good laws made in the best interest of our state and nation. And even the top 1% will remain the richest.

I’m a lifelong center-right republican, though not a good one lately. And I’m totally disgusted that 60% of the bribes and corruption is occurring on the “right.” (But don’t get smug, Lefties, your 40% is no better.)

Some socialism is appropriate, like medicine and education. But we’ll never get there under the current corruptive political system. Our politicians are paid to keep the system broken, and our electorate is only now coming to realize it.

2 Responses to Unions versus political corruption!

  1. 80% decent CEOs? Pull that out of your hat, Jack? Please cite your study sources.

  2. Personal experience as a CEO myself, Gary. Nothing is 100%. All CEOs are not bad, nor good. There is no “study” and it would be warped if there were. But easily 80% of CEOs are from small businesses, guys who built their own company and deserve the greatest respect.

    Nor are all unions bad or good. I’ve leaned on the 80-20 rule a lot, and it is safe to say that our nation’s problems are the result of the 20% who are bad actors.

    Though I’d say that the 20% of those bad actors in private industry has succeeded in corrupting 80% of our politicians with campaign bribes.