2012 will put Ranked Choice Voting on the map

Only IRV will negate the upcoming political tricks.

By Jack E. Lohman

Massive crossover voting in the primaries will put the weakest politicians on the ballot, and the fix is right in front of us.

We can thank the Occupy groups and Tea Partiers for bringing it to the forefront, but are our politicians wise enough to see ahead? And, at what point are these two groups going to realize that their common enemy is the same batch of politicians? From BOTH parties!

Lefties will vote for Cain in the primaries because they see him as easier for Obama to beat. But then Obama could lose to Cain because voters jumped to third-party candidates because of a massive distaste with both candidates.

And the same could happen with Thompson and Neumann and their run for Kohl’s senate seat.

Aren’t we smarter than this? Both political parties have shunned IRV because — at one time — it benefited third parties most. Now it could create a distasteful win no matter which way it goes.

See Instant Runoff Voting, it is time! and Irish presidential election with instant runoff voting: Voter choice without “spoilers”

Like many laws considered by our “esteemed” board(s) of directors, this one makes sense and thus will be hard to pass.

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