Time for Independents and Greens???

Campaign bribes may be the problem, but eliminating them with our current corrupt board of directors is not going to happen.

By Jack E. Lohman

The election of independents, in 100% of the political races, is the only thing that will eliminate our illegal and corrupt duopoly. And it is the only thing to guarantee future election reforms.

We must implement public funding of campaigns and other election reforms, like IRV/Ranked Choice Voting and a None-of-the-above ballot choice. But the only way to accomplish it is with non-Democrats and non-Republicans, who have to date been manipulating the rules.

First, this duopoly is an absolutely illegal conspiracy that should be challenged in court, and perhaps our good-government groups will ban together and do that. Secondly, it blows my mind that we have large segments of our population — both Lefties and Righties — that cannot connect the dots between the current demise of our country, and the corrupt politicians that lead it.

Voters and taxpayers are no different from shareholders who own a company. In fact, they have greater control and can re-elect new leaders at will. Let’s do it before our nation’s status dips even further!!! Our current politicians are auctioning off our nation’s assets all to build their own wealth. They must go.

The Dems didn’t bungle the Super Committee talks; they were bought off with campaign bribes. 2012 must be the year of the “Independents!” Fire every current politician, regardless of party!

5 Responses to Time for Independents and Greens???

  1. I’ve been saying for some time, “Dump the party twins!”

  2. Deadly Clear says:

    I’m in total agreement. If Occupy can coordinate in every major city – so can Independents. Jordasche jeans was just a commercial before manufacturing began…Independents 2012! Good looking bumper sticker, yeah?

  3. The Dense Electorate says:

    Cut the “dense electorate” stuff you condescending know-it -all. Your own ignorance is too often on display here for you to cast stones of intellectual superiority. You have some good points and then also some very childish beliefs that you seem unable to let go of openly expressed here month after month, should you then be called “dense” also?
    In these posts you consistently display a completely unsupportable faith that “corruption” can be removed from Gov’t. via this or that bill, that a few tweaks to the ‘system” will eradicate behaviors that are as intrinsic to human nature as breathing. In post after post this infantile belief in some kind of Utopia just outside our grasp is on display. And, once again in this post.
    “Independents” will NOT be seduced by power and money. Oh never. Nor will Green party members. They are pure. Their party will never be just like others. Impervious tp money, sex, kick-backs, corruption and double-dealing. All of which was not in play during the Founding Fathers’ time either because THEY were all pure and above reproach. or not.
    Deeply ingrained organizational behaviors will NEVER assert themselves no matter what color the party, the problem is just the persons labeled “Democrat” or “Republican”. Go ahead and ignore millenia of human social structures, and the fact that people who are enamored of abuse/exploitation power are of course those drawn to leadership roles and it will always be so.
    Utopia is just ’round the bend, if only the “dense electorate” would listen to Jack Lohman of Janesville WI, or whatever Modern Olympus you hail from.

    Nothing is older and more hackneyed that some middle-aged/elderly middle-management white-collar relatively privileged smug white guy with a keyboard calling their fellow humans (in reality large seas full of powerless people) stupid because those groups do not behave as Mr’ Know-it-All wishes.
    Perhaps your own understanding of humanity is the problem. Maybe, just maybe we’re NOT suspended between the Pure Eden of the imagined past and the Pure Nirvana of the imagined future, Maybe we (humanity) is just exactly where we’ve always been – Have-nots struggling under abusive and corrupt ruling classes. That large numbers of the Have-nots are lulled into submission by some generally accepted cultural myth or prevailing social narrative has always been the case too. Blaming the “victims” is not exactly an admirable response.

    Instead of dismissing everyone else as “dense” in true narcissistic fashion (do what I say or you’re dumb) , maybe what is lacking here is your own intellectual grasp of both the situation and your fellow Americans. The America and the heroes you read about in your 1940s school books never existed. They are the product of revisionism and selective fact-keeping. One more voting cycle and one more bill will not be any more purifying than any of the elections and bills that have preceded them.
    Dense indeed.

  4. Unfortunately, the “victims” keep re-electing the same politicians that have their hand in our pockets. What is it about money (bribes) do you not understand?