Let’s call it BadgerCare Gold

Part of me feels that if we let BadgerCare fail, the voters will finally oust all Wisconsin politicians, and in my mind nothing could be smarter. I’d sure support that.

By Jack E. Lohman

But the truth is that we have an opportunity to not only save BadgerCare, but make it our rock-solid healthcare system that even Republicans would be proud of. If done correctly it will not fail but instead become the best jobs attractor ever.

It’ll reduce state taxes and attract companies and employees to the state. What’s wrong with that???

Let’s call it BadgerCare Gold, and have it replace our current BadgerCare and Medicaid systems. All of these systems are just methods of payment, and having more than one common system just increases administrative costs and confusion.

But let’s make it better!!!

Reimbursement: Doctors and hospitals must be reimbursed fairly or the system will not work. Make sure that reimbursements are equal to or better than Medicare.

Coverage: Make it a minimum-coverage system with 80% system payment and 20% patient co-pay. Obviously some patients will not be able to pay even that and subsidies will be needed.

Public Option: Allow businesses and individuals to opt into the system at its lower costs. If they want to pay for Gap or “frills” insurance beyond basic care, so be it. Let those business deal with that in our free-market system.

Government Employees: Convert the existing state, county and local healthcare systems to the lower-cost BadgerCare Gold system. No better than nor worse than the private industry. Substantial tax dollars would be saved, maximum healthcare would be given, and we’d attract new businesses and jobs to the state. What’s not to like about that?

Free Market: Leave open the ability for businesses and individuals to opt out and provide their own coverage.

Offloading healthcare costs to employees may work for the short-term, but Wisconsinites need a solution that will not blow up on our businesses in the long-term! Business leaders must pressure our politicians to do the right thing.

One Response to Let’s call it BadgerCare Gold

  1. Roger Chapman says:

    I’m thinking BadgerCare Gold might be best. Good work, Jack